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Client Testimonials

Reel Tributes is the gold standard for high-quality films made simple.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Hear why our clients love their films and the service provided by the Reel Tributes staff.

Process of Making a Film

“The process of doing the film couldn’t have been easier.  The Reel Tributes team helped us to clarify our goals for the film.  They helped to prepare my father for his role and they quickly identified what photos we needed in the film to hit a home run.”

“The nice thing was that you all were able to somehow really grasp my grandfather’s character.”

“It was really fulfilling to complete such a substantial and exciting project. The collaborative process required to frame up the story, organize a life-long timeline and collect photos was an unexpected bonding experience for the family. The Reel Tributes Team was wonderful to work with throughout the entire process.”

Production Quality

“Our film was done just a professionally as though it would be shown on national TV.”

“The quality was outstanding; it was broadcast-quality. It was better than some productions you see on TV.”

“Others I have seen look more like wedding videos. This is a professional quality film.”


“Our film was the perfect mix of fact and emotion.”

“My grandfather was able to shine through because you asked him just the right questions.”

“The film of my father’s life greatly exceeded my expectations. It was attractively filmed and beautifully edited. It is a classic product- nothing overdone, tacky or schmaltzy about it.”

“The story flowed smoothly. It felt like a short story told in a movie form.”

Reaction at the Viewing

“At the conclusion of the movie there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. It has been over two months since the big unveiling and the family is still raving about how much they learned about Nana from the video that they never would have otherwise.”

“My siblings and I were truly inspired by the production. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room, when we premiered it. We never expected to learn important things about our father (after all we have known him for 60 years) that we had never known. But, to our surprise, we all did.”

“My father was very appreciative of the gift of doing this film about his life. He beamed with pride during our family showing. He expressed how much he appreciated the chance to tell all of the family what was truly important to him. I recall he said, ‘I am honored that my children thought that I might have learned some things in my life that were worth preserving for my grandchildren and great-grandchildren to hear.'”

“When my father described the rigors of his childhood and the specific lessons he learned from his father and mother, I got a better understanding of his childhood than ever before.”

Reasons For Making the Film

“We engaged Reel Tributes as a gift to our family to commemorate our grandmother’s 90th birthday. And what a birthday it was.”

“Reel Tributes produced a film to make my father’s 93rd birthday celebration truly special.”

“My grandfather was among the greats. I might be biased – but he was one in a million. His story needed to be captured.”

“We wanted to give our father the chance to explain his philosophy on life with his children, his grandchildren and his great-grandchildren. We particularly wanted him to share his values and to tell us about the people who influenced him in becoming the person he became.”

“We had often talked about trying to capture some of my father’s memories and wisdom for our children and grandchildren, but it was always too overwhelming a project to actually contemplate doing. But then I met Reel Tributes. I was thrilled with the film and so happy that we decided to do it.”

“The video gave us insight into Nana’s whole life as opposed to the role Nana has fulfilled in our lives.”

Value for Future Generations

“The overall consensus is that the video was an invaluable gift to our family. Thank you Reel Tributes!”

“This will be immensely valuable for future generations. It’s just so inspiring and motivational.”

“This film is a keepsake for our family that will help guide us for generations.”

This is a priceless gift to our family. We will share it with family members for generations to come.”