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Reel Tributes Documentaries of a lifetime

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact you?

Visit our Contact Us page for our email address and phone number.

I don't live in Philadelphia or Washington, DC. Can I still buy a Reel Tribute?

We can travel to meet you and your family. Contact us and we’ll discuss your options.

How long does it take to make a film?

The interviews will take a few hours. Gathering the pictures you would like to include in the film can take anywhere from a few hours to days, it’s up to you.  After we capture the footage and receive your family’s photos, your film will be ready for viewing in 3-4 weeks.

I’m thinking of making the film myself, or having my son do it. Why should I hire Reel Tributes?

The process of producing a film requires a lot of time and expertise. Working with Reel Tributes helps it go faster and smoother, and ensures the project will get done. Many clients tell us they’ve started family history projects but never completed them, because life got in the way. We’ll make sure that doesn’t happen. Combining project management with top-notch technology and talent, Reel Tributes has the complete package to turn your valuable stories into the documentary of a lifetime.

How do you come up with the interview questions?

All of Reel Tribute’s interview questions are customized for each individual customer. We will meet with you and your family prior to the interview to discuss the content and style of the film.

Can you include historical photographs?

Yes, some packages include archival images and reels. Our researchers will find the best photographs and films to represent the time period, locations, and tone of the interview.

Can you research my family's history?

Yes, Reel Tributes has professional genealogists who will trace your family lineage. We will then incorporate your family’s history into the film.

Will I receive the full, unedited interviews?

Our editors will turn hours of interviews into a refined 30-60 minute film. For an additional fee, we can also include the full-length interview footage with your DVD.

What subject areas do you focus on?

We can focus on any aspect of importance to you, from an individual’s childhood to a family’s roots. It can be as broad or as focused as you want it to be.

What is the process for making the film?

Visit our Process page to see the simple process. Reel Tributes makes it easy for you and your family!

How should I prepare for the film?

Prior to the pre-interview, collect as many pictures, documents, and mementos as possible. Organize and label them. Reflect on what you would like to include in the film. Reel Tributes’ staff will walk you and your family through the process and prepare everyone for the filming.

I'm not great with computers. Can I still make a Reel Tribute?

Don’t worry, we will take care of all the technology stuff so you don’t have to.

I don't have digital pictures. Can you scan them?

Yes, we can scan your pictures and restore old pictures to bring out their true splendor.

What is the My Reel Tribute page?

When you purchase a Reel Tributes documentary, you’ll get a unique password-protected page to upload, organize, and comment on pictures. Your family can also communicate via a message board. Once the film is complete, it will be hosted on your private site, so you can share it with friends and family around the world.

Are my pictures and messages secure? Who can see the film on the website once it's complete?

Yes, your My Reel Tributes page will be password protected, so only you and your selected collaborators will be able to access the page

How much does a Reel Tribute cost?

Each project is customized and priced to meet your needs and budget. Please contact us to discuss your personal film.

Can you help showcase my film once it's done?

Yes, we’d be happy to organize a premiere for your film. We can rent out a local theater and invite your friends and family to enjoy the documentary with you. We can also organize an online viewing for those who can’t be there in person.

Can I give a Reel Tribute as a gift?

Yes, our films make great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasion.

Can my company or organization partner with Reel Tributes?

Reel Tributes would be happy to visit your organization to present our product to your group. We can also produce films about the history of your company or organization.

I don't want a film, but would love to document family memories and heritage. Can you help?

Call us, we’d be happy to discuss other great ways to capture and preserve your family’s rich stories. These could include scanning and restoring pictures and documents. We can produce a Reel Tribute using any content you and your family wishes.