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Southwest Airlines Magazine: Reel Tributes

Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine
December, 2011

Here’s how David Adelman describes his personal history film company Reel Tributes: “My grandmother passed away last year when I was in business school. As a tribute to her, my mother researched our family and traveled the world collecting photos, letters, and stories. Later, we turned her findings into an iMovie, which we premiered at my cousin’s wedding. Doing this made me think that there must be others who would like a family history documentary, so I launched Reel Tributes earlier this year. Here’s how it works: First, we come to your home to map out the tone and content of your film. Then, we devise a production schedule and budget. Meanwhile, you and your relatives can upload pertinent photos and documents to our site or send us hard copies to scan. Next, our oral historian conducts interviews with various family members, while our genealogist uncovers data about your lineage. Finally, we turn this raw information into a compelling, 30-minute film that we upload to a private Web page that you can share. We also give you a DVD, and we can even organize a premiere at your local theater. Because each project varies in scope, so do prices, which have ranged from $5,000 to $30,000. The response has been overwhelming. In the end, life is not about possessions, but time spent with family.”

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