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Reel Tributes Documentaries of a lifetime

Student Innovator: David Adelman

Q: Tell me how your company will innovate in its respective industry.

A: Reel Tributes is essentially creating a new industry that’s built on very old traditions. Storytelling has been an art since the advent of language, and yet only now with the advancement in digital technology can families and individuals preserve their stories through creative films. Our innovation lies in our process; we turn what many people think is a daunting task into a project that is fun and educational. At the core of this process is our innovative webpage that allows each project’s collaborators to contribute to the film’s message and content.

The buzz today is that all media is becoming social, which is another way of saying it is becoming personal. People can now get media tailored to their particular interests. Reel Tributes takes that to the next level by generating high-quality custom content that can be enjoyed and shared forever.