Remembering 9/11. Remembering Family.

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I personally didn’t know anyone who died in the World Trade Center buildings, at the Pentagon, or on Flight 93.  Nonetheless my tear-filled eyes remained glued to my television for days after the attacks.  What had just happened was unfathomable.

As I watched the news coverage, I contemplated the mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters who would now be missing from their families.  And the irreplaceable void felt by those still living.

My first reaction after the attack was to call my own family – my husband and my daughters.  I told my husband that I loved him.   My eldest daughter was away at university at this time. As we spoke on the telephone, we both echoed each others thoughts – that we loved each other, missed the time we spent living under the same roof, and wanted to be together as soon as possible.

I remember hearing my friends  expressing that similar deep desire to reconnect.
I personally believe close connection to family and loved ones is what becomes the balm of healing in times of personal or national disasters.

And the healing continues.  Soon there will be a memorial where the World Trade Center buildings once stood. More important than the buildings and the ceremonies are the personal connections. Close bonds with family and loved ones will continue to be what our hearts long for.

Remind your family that you love them.  On this 10th anniversary of a tragedy none of us will ever forget, give a hug and say those three powerful words:  ‘I love you’.

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