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Personal Historians Take Vegas by Storm

Most people don’t know there’s an association for personal historians. Not only does such an organization exist; it’s actually a thriving group.  And this weekend, the members of the Association of Personal Historians (APH) will convene in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada for their 17th annual conference.

As a personal historian, I can honestly say I love my job. I’ve seen first-hand the power of a personal legacy.  By preserving memories for future generations, we provide insight into the nuts and bolts of a life.  The stories teach future generations what worked, or what didn’t quite work, in our lives. They help us record what makes us tick, what our greatest passions are, and how we want the world to remember us. In addition, personal history preservation connects the generations.  My ancestors’ stories connect me to the past, just as I hope my stories build a bridge to generations yet to come.

Every year, when I’m surrounded by my colleagues at the conference, I am reminded of why I am so passionate about this job. And it brings a smile to my face to see hundreds of colleagues from around the world who share my passion for storytelling and personal history.

I encourage you to visit to learn more about the APH and the wonderful world of personal historians.

Update 10/23/11:

As a recent attendee of the 17th Annual Conference of the Association of Personal Historians, I think I am correct in saying that what happened at the recent APH Conference will not be staying in Vegas.

We had five wonderful days to listen to top-notch keynote speakers and knowledgeable workshop leaders.  These were rich opportunities for the 180 plus who were present. At the conference, the APH also introduced their new logo and updated website.  It is a valuable resource for everything relating to preserving personal history.

I will be using the knowledge I gained and the extensive networking opportunities with other personal historians to be even better at what I do – namely, helping individuals to effectively tell their life stories.

Save a life, tell your story!

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